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Life is about memories. Create them.

Get to know other students with Session today!
Simply swipe through sessions from others, or create one yourself. Be it the next party evening, a relaxing day in the park, or the search for a study group. Find the perfect session by yourself or as a group.

Swipe through sessions in your area and meet new people.

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Create a session yourself and decide who you want to get in touch with.

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Whether it's people from your university, Spring Break in Miami or on a city trip to Chicago. Meet anywhere. Alone or as a group, the main thing is no more boring evenings!

Swipe through sessions in your area or create one yourself. It doesn't matter whether it's parties, joint bar evenings or simply doing sports together.

You can only log into Session with a student email. This means that you will only find students and no fake profiles on Session.

Meet new people

Sessions for you

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Download session now and experience unforgettable moments.

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